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1 MAd Phantom 17.05.2005 m/17 Poland / Czestochowa pol This sentence is false.








Philippines phi Ask us in English, Filipino, or Salitang Kalye
3 rgne 17.05.2005 m/22 Poland / Poznan pol the Rioting Generation of Neutron Earwigs


















now it's time for group shower
5 MrRubix aka Marcus 18.05.2005 m/18 USA usa That was pretty cool... thanks for the great ride
6 Wildcard 18.05.2005 m/22 Germany ger the answer is 42!
7 Boozy 18.05.2005 m/25 Holland hol So happy I made it... So sad it is over now!!! Amazing Riddle!!!
8 blinkstar_182 18.05.2005 m/15 Canada can damn fine riddle!
9 Lemonylime99 (aka Rachel Em) 18.05.2005 f/15 United Kingdom / Devon eng Im not crazy, just ask my fridge (Thanks Zest!)
10 Thalbico 18.05.2005 m/19 Germany ger I want to thank ZEST for that awesome riddle. I will never forget!
11 ShootingBlanks 18.05.2005 m/27 USA usa Thanks!...
12 Sperend 19.05.2005 m/21 Holland hol Daar gingen m'n kostbare uren!
13 AlisdairPark 18.05.2005 m/34 Scotland sco It is better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven
14 vtjess423 19.05.2005 f/25 USA usa Thanks for a great riddle! I'm going to miss zest! :)
15 Schtrudel 22.05.2005 m/28 Israel isr "Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest." - Dior
16 Jay Whiting 25.05.2005 m/14 Australia aus Great riddle, glad to have past it yet sad that there are no more levels :( Good work making it!


msq(aka questionlos)




Poland / Szczecin pol "Imagination is more important than knowledge..." Albert Einstein
18 BuraS 28.05.2005 m/23 Poland pol "there is a slight difference between experience and routine"
19 alpine/final 31.05.2005 m/28 Australia aus I would like to thank zest (K.LIVEr) and all contributors to making this such a grea? riddle site. Also heaps and heaps of thanks to all those help I have gotten along the way. Take care and all the best.
20 Palmer 31.05.2005 m/30 USA usa Thanks for making the day go by. Meatwad = Evil.

Malleus (Piotr)

Zasrany Konfident




Poland / Warsaw

let the silence be my comment ...

I almost lost my job cause of Zest. But it was worth :-) Great fun. Now I know I'm dumb :-)

22 Tiggsy 03.06.2005 m/26 USA usa Well, I made it. Now what? Thanks to all those above me who helped along the way. Couldn't have done it without you.
23 Vamp 09.06.2005 f/40 England eng This could not have been done without the help of Ioanke, Weeman, evenstar13 and DawgPound - I owe you guys a beer or three :D
24 Wee Man ô?ô 09.06.2005 m/40 Scotland Reet-Dee-Dee great fun/torment. Karol Liver is a cool banana :)
25 Raffles (aka Springer) 09.06.2005 f/52 United Kingdom / Isle of Wight eng THANK you SO much Zest for the VERY BEST riddle on-line. I LOVED every level :)
26 mik0001 09.06.2005 m/31 Germany ger Solving ZEST / is like climbing on Mount EverEST / great artwork / but hard work! :-)
27 Bliss 11.06.2005 m/21 Sweden swe Thank you so much riddle master Zest, this has been a great and mysterious journey.
28 Writerguy 12.06.2005 m/31 USA usa

-A life changing journey. Thanks to all that helped me along the way.
-Thanks to Bliss, Evenstar13, Blinkstar182, Thalbico, Raffles, Mik0001 and the million others along the way. And of course... thanks to the creator.... I mean Zest.

29 Noteventhesameguy 12.06.2005 m/27 USA usa At this point, my brain is pretty much on the level of "fire bad, tree pretty." Thanks everyone, it's been a long strange trip. You rock, Zest.
30 Groza 14.06.2005 m/18 USA usa Here's a couponette for a punch to the face.
31 cara1971 16.06.2005 f/34 USA usa This puzzle rocked my world and now I know what it feels like to be addicted to crack... I want to thank everyone who helped me get to this point.... first and foremost, writerguy for introducing me to the puzzle and without his help would still be staring at the first level..... (all who helped him as they ultimately helped me); DoggPound, Mr.Rubix, Raffle to name just a few!
MANY, MANY, MANY thanks for such a great puzzle... loved every minute of it!!!
32 Tynka 16.06.2005 f/43 Poland / Warsaw pol Evil is obvious only in retrospect
33 Marknmo 22.06.2005 m/25 USA usa It was so good, it's scary!
34 waterwraith2003 (aka ian) 26.06.2005 m/20 Philippines phi just want to thank everyone who helped me along the way especially noteventhesameguy, BuraS, Writerguy, and thalbico. also to the people at DLSU and 77 who have been so patient with me all the while. and karol, YOU RULE!!!
35 AC Wilkes 28.06.2005 m/14 USA usa Thanks for the wild ride! It was definitely an experience worth taking. Thanks to the people who helped me through the difficult levels, especially waterwraith for practically dragging me by the hair through that last stage and the boolean algebra stage. Peace out!
36 mic 07.07.2005 m/28 Germany ger thx for a great riddle-time! special thanks to mik0001...
37 IDLE 20.07.2005 m/22 Philippines phi Have a lot of people to thanks for helping me out. thanks zest for this opportunity to playing this game. hope there is a part two of ZEST. thanks to waterwraith2003 for helping me. i have to thank boozy, zoom, malleus, etc. (alot more) for helping me out. PEACE OUT and thanks
38 Engwan 20.07.2005 m/17 Philippines phi weee.. finally made it..^^ Thanks to all who helped. Special mention to IDLE. Thanx!






Poland / Miedzyzdroje pol 72 stages of Zestriddle solved † 26 VII 2005 † It was a long, hard road out of hell... Thanks to: Tiggsy, Thalbico, Zelazny Feliks! and RAMBO!!! :)
40 LZC 26.07.2005 m/13 Singapore sin Many thanks to these people for lending a helping hand: BuraS, noteventhesameguy, mik0001, zoom, boozy, waterwraith2003, Malleus, Bliss, Kamikaze (for working together with me on the last riddle), pyrosangel (for helping in earlier riddles)... and finally the biggest thanks to Mr LIVEr / ZE?T for this (frustrating) weird journey of learning... I HATE YOU!!! :P






New Zealand zea Wonderful riddle - I hope there is more. Big thanks to everyone out there who gave me a hand. Thanks everyone
42 Danai CCS [Pao] 30.07.2005 m/18 Thailand tha Great & Cool Riddle ! Thanks to Springer, Jonas, Jay, BuraS, Carlos...... and Karol
43 zest_maniac aka WMX 31.07.2005 m/18 Lithuania lit "OZ is nothing"
44 zsilencieux 23.08.2005 m/19 Poland pol It was awsome. I want to thank everyone who help me with this riddle...
45 Fulung 06.09.2005 m/28 Thailand tha This riddle is the best that i ever play. It's funny, cute, logic and many plot to deal with. But If u never try it, how can u know, so try it!
46 DoomAddict828 14.09.2005 m/14 England eng thankyou zest for giving me something great to do over the summer holidays! 3 months of my time very well spent!
47 Chris VR 17.09.2005 m/17 USA usa Great riddle! Thanks so much to all who helped me along the way! Please make more levels some day!
48 huafeng 25.09.2005 m/17 Philippines phi FINALLY IT IS OVER!!! many thanks to all those who helped me in solving this piece of ... karol thanks for this and i'll never forget how insane you are... peace out!!!
49 Metal 25.09.2005 m/16 Brasil bra Be like metal, my friend.
50 Highhopes 01.10.2005 f/23 Poland pol improvement makes straight roads, but crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius
many thanks to Zest (Karol Liver). This riddle w?s worth every hour spent on solving it
also thanks to people who helped, especially BuraS & Pawel
51 AbstractNonsense 11.10.2005 f/31 Poland pol Thanks to DoomAddict and BuraS, and first of all, to Zest. Now it's time to leave the sweet paradise of Zest, where every riddle has alogical solution, and get back to the real conundrums of the real life.
52 lesbur26 21.10.2005 m/18 Philippines phi First of all, thank you Mr. Karol Liver for making such a wonderful Zest riddle! I would also like to thank those people who helped me in solving this wonderful riddle.. well done!!
53 Blackphantom 21.10.2005 m/19 USA usa I would like to thank everyone who aided me in this most awesome endeavor. No need to list names, you know who you are. And a big thanks to Zest, Karol Liver, who with the insanity of a genius created the most fun and thought-provoking experience of my life to date.
54 Hybrid (aka blzk) 24.10.2005 m/17 Portugal / Tondela por "It is like controlling chaos" - Gary Kasparov
55 alpha 03.11.2005 m/16 Poland pol "Time to wake up from the nightmare.."
56 GunHoMac 13.11.2005 m/24 USA usa

Chime the bells for this 11th Hour

Evil lurks, so run and cower

T'is the end of your quest

But no time to rest...alive is Zest!

57 dr4kun 26.11.2005 m/15 Poland / Wroclaw pol may i return to oz?...
58 Voolf 27.11.2005 m/19 Poland pol It was very long and mysterious journey..... i'm glad it's not over yet... For my friends: Ya know i did it huh? So we can drink now ^^ I would like to thanks everyone who helped me... and of course BIG thanks to ZE?T for that awesome riddle.
59 ParanoidMind 29.11.2005 m/21 Poland / Lublin pol "nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit..."
60 slowomir 19.12.2005 m/23 USA usa finally i get to wake up from this nightmare... perhaps someday i will be able to sleep again
61 Basti 25.12.2005 m/18 Germany ger Woo, Finally made it, thanks for such a good Online Riddle!
62 diego 05.01.2006 m/15 Chile chi Now I can sleep!...
63 Sqarpi & Vonzky 08.01.2006



Poland / Lublin pol Life is an excellent riddle where the answer is death.htm... Thank you Karol for the greatest adventure in our lifes. Jak bedziesz w Lublinie to masz duze piwo!
64 nanye 10.01.2006 f/17 England eng There is no use trying, said Alice; one can't believe impossible things. I dare say you haven't had much practice, said the Queen. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. ~ Lewis Carroll, sums zest up really
65 Czarny 10.01.2006


Poland / Wroclaw pol Alkocholicy z dolnego Śląska stolicy
66 wodzu 10.01.2006 m/23 Poland / Szczecin pol My blue jeans is tight :] KDK F4EVER
67 diunka 18.01.2006 f/21 Poland / Torun pol in the middle of nowhere ;)
68 Lesiu 18.01.2006 m/18 Poland / Pruszkow pol zEst, You taught me that sometImes the most ImPortant thinGs are LeaSt vIsible. K
69 Stachu 19.01.2006 m/18 Poland / Warsaw pol It was my pleasure to solve Zest Riddle! I'm really happy, because I can sleep now. BIG THANKS to You, Zest, and to all, who had any influence to my little success!
71 GOGO 20.01.2006 m/26 Poland pol I made it!
72 Kazz 21.01.2006 m/17 Poland / Walbrzych pol I've done this, so now i can die
70 Zagee 02.02.2006 m/25 Poland / Warsaw pol "It is possible to fail in many ways...while to succeed is possible only in one way." - Aristotle.
PS. To kiedy Karol zapraszasz na cytrynówkę?